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Everything your business needs to capture critical feedback and deliver the results your stakeholders want to see.

Choose an Individual plan with a monthly or annual rolling subscription. For multi-user collaboration select a Team plan with an annual rolling subscription.

When signing up to a Team plan make sure you select the number of users you require.

Downgrade or upgrade as needed, just one day before your next billing cycle, which you can easily manage in-app.

No additional costs with unlimited responses for all users.

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All the tools you need to create advanced surveys that inspire and engage.

Advanced question types

Make use of a wide range of question types, giving you the flexibility to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. Choose from:

  • Multiple choice (one or multiple answers)
  • Free text
  • Matrix of choices (one answer per row / multiple answers per row)
  • Ranking questions
  • Likert scale
  • Slider
  • Continuous sum
  • Semantic differential
  • File upload

Out-of-the-box NPS question

Track advocacy with our pre-built NPS question, with automatic score calculations.

Need additional customer, employee and patient experience questions (CSAT, CES, eNPS, ESAT, EES, PX)? Check out our Enterprise Plan.

Intelligent surveys

Take respondents through a specific pathway within your survey. Use advanced skip logic (such as rules based on different answer combinations to a single question) or piping to automatically insert data from previous answers into upcoming questions.

Question randomisation

Randomise the order in which each respondent sees your questions. Remove bias from your surveys using question sets and question and page randomisation options.

Remove friction

Reduce the risk of incomplete surveys with a progress bar, page numbering, and the option to finish surveys later with “save and continue”.

Add multimedia

Bring your survey to life with embedded video, images and audio files that help boost engagement with your respondents.

Response scoring

Build tests and quizzes using weighting or automated scoring to rank respondents’ answers.

To display scores to the respondent at the end of the survey using a fully customised thank-you page, check out our Enterprise plan.

Ready-to-use templates and themes

Use ready-made survey templates and themes, including a WCAG compliant accessible theme, to provide a professional look and feel to your surveys without any effort!


For a more personalised survey experience add your logo and customise the appearance of your survey with our theme design tool.

We offer a full white label solution with custom theme, custom domain and a branded thank you page as part of our Enterprise Plan.

Custom messages

Use custom ‘survey closed’ and ‘disqualification’ messages to thank respondents for their time and effort.

Need to redirect respondents to a custom thank you page, offer page or other URL? Check out our Enterprise Plan.


All the features and options you need to reach out, manage and gather critical survey data

Easy distribution

Gather responses using our native email app or any other online channel (web pages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Or invite participants using QR codes on menus, receipts, brochures, flyers or any other location you imagine.

Need to send surveys by SMS? Look at our Enterprise Plan.

Respondent email management

Easily send surveys using our native email tool and benefit from contact list management, email tracking and reminders.

Multiple tracking links

Create unlimited and customised tracking links (collectors) per survey. Track and filter your responses by distribution channel, such as social media versus email.

Personalise your surveys

Pass data you already hold about a respondent into a survey using custom variables, and combine this with the address book for even more personalisation.

Website embedding and popups

Easily embed surveys or use pop ups on your website.

To reduce friction for your visitors using exit surveys, check out our Enterprise plan.


Pinpoint your most important insights to start making key decisions with confidence.

Real-time feedback

See your results in-app and in real time, and get a handy snapshot of both individual responses and a results summary.

Advanced charts and graphics

Easily analyse your results with data tables and a wide range of in-app charts (area, bar, column, line, stacked, pie and gauge).

Export and download results

Export your results as raw data (XLSX or CSV) or download individual responses as Word documents or PDFs.

Cross tabs and filters

Easily compare and export answers to 2 questions with our cross-tab function, or use filters to quickly slice and dice your data for simple results analysis (e.g., filter by question or answer).

Share views

Create and save a custom view based on filters to easily share with non SmartSurvey users – great for stakeholder management.

For higher limits on views select our Enterprise plan.

Team Plans

Benefit from users working collaboratively across surveys with our team features

Collaboration features

  • Set user permissions and limits
  • Add, remove, and reallocate user licences up to your user limit
  • Manage account upgrade / downgrade
  • Manage additional purchases (more users, training, managed services, consumer panel responses)
  • Allow users to share their surveys with other users
  • Share branded themes, share questions across users with question library

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