Offline Surveys

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Offline Surveys

Contact us and learn how to create an easy to use offline survey in a few simple steps.

Engage with your audience and collect survey data without internet access. Reach your customers anywhere, at anytime with SmartSurvey software.

  • Capture relevant, accurate data in the field, at the point of experience
  • Load your offline survey to a smartphone or tablet and take it to any location
  • Download responses automatically when a connection is re-established

Benefits of offline surveys

Collecting data via an offline survey app means you will never miss out on gathering the feedback you need! Anytime you are unable to access an internet connection, you can gather data in our offline mode. SmartSurvey’s offline service will store all responses on your mobile device; once you’re connected to the internet again, simply download your information.

Get immediate reaction by using an offline survey to get the information you need whilst out in the field or at an event. With the experience fresh in participant’s mind, users will have better recollection and will be able to provide more accurate feedback. If your consumers don’t have time to stop and fill in a survey, simply text them the survey link via SMS!

Types of offline survey

  • Event Survey – From start to finish, you can use our offline survey tool to make insightful improvements to your events. With event surveys you can collect pre-event data from participants to understand their preferences, request feedback at the time of the experience to make real time adjustments, and then send post-event surveys to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Consumer Survey – Take your offline survey out on the street, or to respondents in remote locations. Reach a wider audience to help understand users preferences, perceptions, and behaviour, or to measure the public’s opinion.
  • Kiosk Survey – Conduct an easy to use offline survey at trade shows, or at the point of experience, in order to collect audience feedback. Engage with users and record their opinions whilst it is at the forefront of their mind.

Planning an offline survey

A valuable benefit of building your survey for use on mobile devices is the ability to take it offline. By uploading the questionnaire to a smartphone or tablet, you can take your survey into the field where internet connection may be limited or non-existent. Offline Mode allows you to collect responses without needing an internet connection. (You will need our Enterprise survey tools to use this feature).

Before you get started building an offline survey, read our helpful guidelines:

  • Follow the steps in our help guide on how to access offline mode
  • Practice taking the questionnaire in offline mode and downloading your responses afterwards
  • Finally, don’t forget to test your links in advance

Best uses for offline surveys

Collecting offline responses for all your survey needs can be useful to provide backup when you don’t have internet access!

By benchmarking data over time, you can track improvements and continue to refine customer service levels.

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With no limits on the number of responses you can collect, you can be sure your survey will reach as many people as possible without it being cost prohibitive.

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We will help you collect the information you need quickly and easily. Trust us to safeguard your data and provide the support you need, when you need it.
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