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With our comprehensive University Plan all your students and staff can harness the full power of SmartSurvey.
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Key features

A site-wide licence agreement for universities without limitations. Transform research, enhance learning experiences, and promote a data-driven culture with all the tools you need to create simple and effective surveys.

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Unlimited surveys and responses

With our site-wide licence, you’re free to create and send as many surveys as you need without worrying about limits. Collect unlimited responses for comprehensive, data-driven insights.

Survey creation

Our intuitive survey builder allows you to create custom surveys with ease. Incorporate a variety of question types, logic branching, and multimedia elements to engage respondents and collect diverse data.

Flexible distribution channels

Distribute your surveys via multiple channels to reach your target audience effectively. Whether it’s through email invitations, social media platforms, QR codes, or embedding on your university website, we’ve got you covered.

Access to consumer panels

Need to reach an audience for your research? Access our consumer panels to buy responses from your target demographic, whether that’s students, faculty, or general population. These high-quality, reliable panellists can provide the exact insights you need, and very quickly!

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Comprehensive reporting features

Easily interpret your survey results with our robust reporting features. From real-time response statistics to interactive data visualisation, you have the tools to understand your data at a glance. Export your data in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, CSV, SPSS) for further analysis or presentation.

Collaborative tools

Work together with your team on survey projects. Collaborate in real time, share insights, and manage permissions to ensure a smooth and productive workflow.

Single sign-on (SSO)

No more juggling multiple passwords. With Single Sign-On, every user in your institution can access SmartSurvey using their existing university credentials. This seamless authentication process boosts productivity while ensuring robust security.

Custom domain branding

Promote your university’s brand identity with each survey you create. With our custom domain branding, you can host surveys on a URL that matches your university’s domain, giving a professional appearance to all your online interactions.

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UK ring-fence guarantee

  • UK ring-fence badge: your account will receive a special UK Ring-Fence Badge. This badge signals our team to handle all your service needs from the UK, guaranteeing you localised support.
  • Exclusive UK data storage: your data will be stored exclusively within the UK, never outside. Our ring-fence solution ensures your information remains secure and private.
  • No international data transmission: your data will not be transmitted outside the UK. Your information remains where it belongs - within the UK’s jurisdiction.
  • Compliance with UK privacy laws: our service fully complies with UK data privacy laws, providing you with peace of mind and legal protection.

Extensive template library

Choose from hundreds of pre-designed survey templates, each expertly crafted for a range of research purposes. Alternatively, customise your surveys to match your unique needs.

Multi-language support

Reach a diverse university population with our multi-language support, catering to international students and staff.

Fanatical support

With our dedicated customer service team, we are on standby to assist with any queries or difficulties, ensuring your survey process is smooth and efficient.

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How does it work?

Setting up SmartSurvey for your University is a straightforward process.
Here’s how it works:


Account creation

We begin by setting up a primary admin account for your institution. This primary admin account controls all sub-accounts, allowing you to manage users, adjust settings, and monitor overall activity.


Adding users

Add users to your account. With our site-wide licence, you can add an unlimited number of users, including students and faculty staff. This empowers everyone in your university community to benefit from SmartSurvey’s comprehensive features.


Single sign-on setup

We recommend the use of Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, users can securely log in to SmartSurvey using their existing university credentials. This creates a seamless experience for users, removing the need for managing separate usernames and passwords.


Custom domain branding setup

We will assist you in setting up custom domain branding. This allows you to host your surveys on a URL that aligns with your university’s domain, enhancing the credibility and professionalism of your surveys. This will be applied to all surveys created within your account.


Onboarding session

With the setup complete, we will host an onboarding session for yourself and other colleagues who will be managing the running of your SmartUni account, to familiarise you and your team with the platform. During this session, we provide a detailed overview of SmartSurvey’s features and address any questions you might have.


Go live

With your team onboarded and everything in place, you’re ready to start creating, distributing, and analysing surveys! Our dedicated customer support team will be on hand to assist throughout this journey, ensuring you maximise the benefits of our platform.

You’re in good company!

SmartSurvey is an ideal partner for universities, offering a robust Survey platform that encourages a comprehensive, feedback-driven approach to gathering and leveraging student and staff data. With us, you can count on a reliable, multi-faceted solution to support your institutional needs.

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Getting started

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