Patient Experience

In a changing healthcare environment, the need for timely and reliable feedback remains a constant. With SmartSurvey you can quickly identify issues that matter most to service users, communities and populations.
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Who’s using SmartSurvey?

From public and private healthcare organisations to educators, healthcare bodies, charities and suppliers to the industry . Wherever you work in healthcare, we’ve got your feedback data collection needs covered.

NHS trusts

SmartSurvey works with a growing number of NHS Trusts and NHS Community Trusts, supporting them with key patient feedback initiatives including FFT.

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Giving patient’s a sufficient voice is vital to raising standards across the healthcare industry. That’s why SmartSurvey works with the UK’s primary health and social care champion.

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Local authorities

Local authorities have an increasingly important role in collecting feedback from local service users. It’s why more of them are coming to SmartSurvey, knowing we already have a strong and trusted presence in their sector.

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Regulatory bodies

Regulatory bodies rely on effective data collection to gather patient feedback and maintain professional practitioner standards. It’s another arm of the healthcare sector where SmartSurvey is strong.

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Trade bodies

To maintain industry standards, healthcare professionals as well as the patients they care for need a voice. It’s why SmartSurvey supports trade bodies representing the industry’s professions.

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From large government agency’s to specialist training hospitals, colleges and universities. SmartSurvey supports national and local educators at the forefront of the UK’s healthcare training provision.

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Private healthcare

From medical clinicians and practices including GP surgeries, dentists, opticians and pharmacies to commercial healthcare providers. SmartSurvey works with a growing number of customers in private healthcare.

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The charity and VCSE sector has an increasingly important role in communicating the needs of local service users and communities. It’s why SmartSurvey is increasingly called upon to support this sector.

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Swiftly get your PX survey program and feedback activities up and running:

  • From patient satisfaction, patient NPS and clinical audits to FFT, GP Patient and PROMs surveys. Measure and improve your stakeholders’ experience with key surveys that matter to them.
  • Create questionnaires for the crucial stages of a patient’s journey with you, from their initial appointment scheduling and consultation to treatment, discharge and aftercare.
  • Improve patient survey engagement through our smart logic and piping features that only presents relevant content, for a more personalised and streamlined experience.


Capture feedback from service users, healthcare staff and other stakeholders across any channel, at any time:

  • Gather online and offline feedback throughout a patient’s journey.
  • Automate the collection of in-the-moment feedback by triggering patient satisfaction surveys at key touchpoints such as patient consultations and patient discharge.
  • Issue questionnaires like FFT far and wide with distribution options ranging from email, SMS and pop-up surveys to QR, kiosk, offline and paper surveys


Identify and share your most crucial patient and stakeholder insights:

  • Use in-built reporting tools to analyse data in real-time and pin-point crucial moments in patient journeys
  • Swiftly get information to the right people and key internal systems such as patient record systems, to help boost understanding and co-ordination of care throughout your organisation or area of responsibility
  • Quickly make sense of qualitative feedback and your understanding of patient concerns with tools including advanced filtering, word cloud and text analysis

Stay safe and secure

We always prioritise your security

Maintain the security and integrity of patient data with a survey platform that:

  • Adheres to the highest standards of IT security and data protection
  • Complies with GDPR, the Data protection Act and the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • Is built by a software provider that is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

Smart security features for teams

Protect survey project teams needing to access and share questionnaires, while keeping them private and safe from external interference with:

  • Access control tools including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and password policies
  • Team management features that include user permissions and a master user who can manage these permissions and the activities of sub-user accounts
  • Password protection on survey report links that your teams share with others, so that its content can only be seen by those who need to view it

Ensure access for everyone that wants to participate

Ensure your surveys are accessible and usable for every patient wanting to respond, and maximise the volume and quality of feedback you have to work with and act upon.
Accessibility features available


Easily deliver on accessibility with SmartSurvey’s built-in accessibility options, which includes an accessible survey theme, that offers compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accreditation standard.


Ensure your feedback activities are inclusive to any service users, groups and communities you need to reach. Our ability to support you with Easy Read surveys and distribution options ranging from email and SMS to kiosks, QR codes, offline and more, help ensure no survey recipients are excluded.


Make it easy for stakeholders to respond in their own language. Thanks to SmartSurvey’s wide ranging language options, you can issue a single questionnaire in multiple languages, so it’s simple for recipients in diverse communities to select the language of their choice.

Work smarter


Drive more co-ordinated action and engagement

Work effectively with colleagues, partners and other stakeholders with tools that help you:

  • Create custom stakeholder reports and share real-time access to user stories and insight, without need for additional user licences
  • Set up project teams of all shapes and sizes for success with the means to share templates, themes, and your preferred questions
  • Empower team members to work more effectively and seamlessly together through detailed user permissions


Build trust through consistent design

Help patients and stakeholders recognise you whenever you need their feedback:

  • Give users confidence to open your emails and survey links by using your organisation’s domain
  • Replicate your organisation’s identity across forms, surveys and questionnaires with a bespoke theme that matches your brand guidelines
  • Remove the “powered by SmartSurvey” footer and create custom thank you pages


Drive improvements in care

Address key issues in the moment with automated workflows


Build fully customised workflows by leveraging your SmartSurvey data via a REST API.

From their initial consultation to their treatment discharge. Automate your processes and receive instant updates for every response via webhooks. Enrich the quality of your data with timely feedback collection at key points of each patient’s journey.

Build bespoke integrations that help ensure you issue questionnaires at the point of experience and exchange data with your critical systems and workflows. This is easy with our powerful APIs.


Trigger notifications that alert yourself, or anyone else, via email when key patient events happen.

Whether that’s alerting your patient experience team, or specific departments, wards or teams about a low patient NPS score, or simply updating yourself to check every response that comes in.

When you have alerts in place, you’re able to act on developing issues much quicker and swiftly take the actions you need to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.


Push essential survey data from SmartSurvey into other key business systems such as Tableau and Power BI and help drive more informed decision making and action across your healthcare organisation.

Our work with powerful automation tools such as Zapier, makes it simple for you to develop integration to and from popular applications such as Office 365, Google, HubSpot and much more.

Integrate surveys with your website analytics easily through Google Tag Manager.

Solutions to meet any survey need

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Success stories

Trusted by leading healthcare providers worldwide. More than 10,000+ organisations rely on SmartSurvey to collect data on- and offline.
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

When you’re an essential provider of healthcare services, continually striving to drive-up standards of patient care, patient feedback is critical.
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Fundación Amigos por Siempre

Fundación Amigos por Siempre

Find how this Chilean mental health charity used SmartSurvey to measure the impact of their programme on their clients.
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Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG

Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG

HealthEast used online surveys to reach over 200,000 individual stakeholders for effective 360 feedback.
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NHS Solihull CCG

NHS Solihull CCG

By using SmartSurvey for their research needs, NHS Solihull CCG has simplified their data collection system.
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The GMC Drives up Stakeholder Engagement with Digital Survey Platform.
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What is Patient Experience?

Patient experience (PX), is concerned with your patients’ perception of your healthcare organisation, based on their experiences with it. This includes all the interactions they’ve ever had during their patient journey with you.

Measuring and working to improve the patient experience has become an essential requirement for healthcare organisations, as it’s viewed as key in supporting the improvement of healthcare quality, governance and public accountability.

Maintaining a positive patient experience across all the key touchpoints of a patient’s journey with you, is seen as critical to your ability to attract and retain patients.

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