35 Transformative Work-Life Balance Survey Questions

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August 30, 2023
Image showing an individual employee's legs, one leg in formal attire and wearing a shoe and the other in jeans and wearing a sports shoe, to illustrate the concept of work-life balance.

In today's multifaceted working world, gauging how employees balance their professional commitments with personal lives is not merely considerate—it's instrumental for business longevity. Delving into work-life balance patterns enables organisations to foster an environment where employees not only thrive but also remain loyal. To ensure a holistic understanding of employee well-being and to fine-tune workplace culture, the work-life balance survey is indispensable.

A well-constructed survey is a mirror, reflecting the intricate facets of an employee's experience. By casting light on the delicate equilibrium between work and life, organisations can craft a culture where employees flourish and where dedication is reciprocated with understanding.

As we all try to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of modern work, prioritising the well-being of the workforce isn't merely a benevolent act—it's a cornerstone of sustainable success. With this in mind, the sample survey questions listed below are divided into specific areas of work-life balance and should help to drive understanding and action between employees and employer.

Example work-life balance questions

Working hours and flexibility

1. Do you often find yourself working beyond your contracted hours?

2. How frequently are you able to take short breaks during work hours?

3. Can you comfortably adjust your work schedule for personal commitments?

4. How would you rate the flexibility of your current role?

5. How often do you feel the need to work on weekends?

Rest and recuperation

6. How easy is it for you to switch off from work during your days off?

7. Do you feel that taking your annual leave negatively impacts your work or team?

8. How frequently do you feel exhausted at the end of a workday?

9. Are you able to use your vacation days without feeling guilty?

10. Do you often work during times that should be for rest?

Technology and connectivity

11. How often are you expected to respond to work emails outside of working hours?

12. Do you feel pressure to remain connected to work while on holiday?

13. How frequently do you check work-related messages during your personal time?

14. Do you have the necessary tools to work effectively from different locations?

15. How often does work communication disrupt your personal time?

Support and resources

16. Are you aware of any wellness resources provided by the company?

17. Do you feel supported by your immediate supervisor when discussing work-life balance concerns?

18. Have you ever utilised any of the company's support programmes or counselling services?

19. Are there adequate resources or training to manage work-related stress?

20. How often do you discuss work-life balance with your colleagues?

Work environment and culture

21. Do you believe there's an implicit expectation to work longer than your contracted hours?

22. How frequently do colleagues or superiors comment on your working hours?

23. Does the company culture encourage you to prioritise personal well-being?

24. Are you comfortable speaking up if you feel overwhelmed with work?

25. How frequently are you praised or recognised for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Personal life impact

26. Do you feel your work schedule permits quality time with loved ones?

27. Are your personal relationships strained due to work-related commitments?

28. Have you curtailed personal activities or hobbies because of work?

29. Does your job allow time for regular exercise or relaxation activities?

30. How often do you miss important personal events due to work commitments?

Overall satisfaction and well-being

31. On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your current work-life balance?

32. Do you believe your work-life balance has improved in the last year?

33. How does work-life balance affect your overall mood and motivation at work?

34. Are you considering a job change primarily due to work-life balance issues?

35. In one word, how would you describe your current work-life balance?

Use our work-life balance template

To get your own surveys up and running quickly consider using our employee work-life balance survey template. It comes ready-made with 16 example questions and can be used as provided or customised to your own workplace and workforce needs.

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