42 Informative Travel Survey Questions

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September 7, 2023
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The drivers behind individuals' choices of travel destination, means of travel, accommodation bookings and the like - their motivations, influences, wants and needs - are as varied as the cultures, climates, and continents available to them. Creating a survey that can elicit insights into such distinct aspects of the travel experience demands a well-crafted set of questions.

To this aim, here we present areas for inquiry across seven key areas that your travel survey should tap into: motivations for travel, transportation methods, accommodation preferences, destination selection, budget and expenditure, travel companions, and safety and health concerns. These example questions can be used to better gauge respondents' experiences and needs. By partitioning your survey into clear sections, you are more likely to cull meaningful insights that can be acted upon.

Remember, as with any hospitality survey, the aim is not just to question but to question wisely. Your survey should serve as a mirror that reflects the complete journey, equipping you with the understanding to elevate travellers' future experiences.

Example travel questions

Travel motivations

1. What primarily encouraged you to book this trip?

2. Did you travel for leisure, business, or family matters?

3. How important was finding a relaxing destination to you?

4. Did you seek an adventurous or thrill-seeking experience?

5. Were local cultural experiences a significant part of your travel decision?

6. How did your previous travel experiences influence this trip?

Transportation methods

7. Which mode of transport did you primarily use?

8. Did you consider environmental impact when choosing your transport?

9. How much did cost influence your transportation choice?

10. Were you satisfied with the punctuality of your chosen transport?

11. Did you book your transportation well in advance or last minute?

12. Did convenience play a role in your choice of transport?

Accommodation preferences

13. What type of accommodation did you opt for?

14. How crucial were on-site amenities in your choice?

15. Did the accommodation's location impact your decision?

16. How much of your budget was allocated for accommodation?

17. Were you influenced by online reviews when selecting lodging?

18. Did you book directly through the accommodation or via a third-party site?

Destination selection

19. How did you first learn about the destination you chose?

20. Were you swayed by social media or influencer posts?

21. How much research did you conduct before finalising your destination?

22. Did you seek personal recommendations?

23. Were travel promotions or discounts a deciding factor?

24. How important was the weather in your decision-making process?

Budget and expenditures

25. What was your total budget for this trip?

26. How much did you spend on meals and dining?

27. Did you purchase travel insurance?

28. How much did you allocate for activities and experiences?

29. Did you splurge on shopping or souvenirs?

30. Were there any unexpected costs during your trip?

Travel companions

31. Did you travel solo or with others?

32. If travelling with others, were they family or friends?

33. Did travelling with others affect your destination or activity choices?

34. How did your travel companions influence your budget?

35. Did anyone in your party have special needs or requirements?

36. Was it easy coordinating with your travel companions?

Safety and health concerns

37. Did you get any vaccinations before travelling?

38. Did political stability in your chosen destination concern you?

39. What safety measures did you take while abroad?

40. Did you encounter any health issues during your trip?

41. How well did the local healthcare services meet your needs?

42. Were you aware of emergency services and how to access them?

Use our travel questionnaire

Use our travel survey template and get up and running quickly. Pre-made with a sample of 14 travel questions, it can be used as provided or adapted to your specific requirements.

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