35 Effective Employee Pulse Survey Questions

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September 4, 2023
Staff member being surveyed for an employee pulse survey.

In any business, capturing the pulse of the team - getting objective, honest and actionable feedback - can be something of an art form. Employee pulse surveys offer a beacon, shining light on the nuances of workplace sentiment. Beyond just a litmus test of staff satisfaction, these surveys become the ears to the ground, to identify levels of unease, contentment, and motivation. Unlike their longer counterparts, pulse surveys are meant to be succinct, usually presenting sharp, focused questions.

This brevity ensures also a higher response rate and facilitates rapid feedback loops, so that companies are not only tuned into their employees but can also adjust strategy, communication, work activities and more in real-time. In this digital age, where dynamism is the order of the day, these pulse checks foster harmony between organisational objectives and employee well-being.

Dive in to comprehend the true power of these insightful tools, but remember, whilst we give a number of question examples in this list, the objective of pulse surveys is to get quick feedback on often a single question or area of business life.

Example pulse survey questions

Job satisfaction and engagement

1. Do you feel invigorated by the tasks you undertake daily?

2. How strongly do you believe your work aligns with our company’s ethos?

3. Do you feel that your daily tasks make a discernible impact?

Manager effectiveness

4. Does your manager clarify ambiguous tasks or projects adequately?

5. How frequently does your supervisor provide constructive feedback?

6. In challenging times, do you feel buoyed by your manager's support?

Learning and development

7. Are there avenues in the company that allow you to hone your skills further?

8. Do you believe the training sessions here are tailored to your role’s nuances?

9. Has any training been particularly pivotal in your professional growth?

Work-life balance

10. Can you seamlessly juggle your work duties with personal commitments?

11. How would you evaluate the flexibility of your current working hours?

12. Do you ever feel unduly pressured to work outside of your stipulated hours?

Communication and transparency

13. Do you feel abreast of the company’s evolving trajectory?

14. Is there a congenial avenue for you to voice concerns or suggestions?

15. How frequently are you in the loop about departmental changes that might affect you?

Workplace environment and culture

16. Would you describe our workplace atmosphere as harmonious?

17. Do you feel the physical workspace is conducive to productive output?

18. How inclusive and diverse do you find the company culture?

Benefits and compensation

19. Do you deem your remuneration to reflect your workload and responsibilities aptly?

20. Are the perks and benefits offered on par with your expectations?

21. Is there any specific benefit you believe would be a pivotal addition?

Additional general pulse questions

22. How would you evaluate the transparency of communication from senior management?

23. Do you feel encouraged to take initiative and bring forth new ideas?

24. How would you describe the opportunities for professional advancement?

25. Are there sufficient resources available for you to execute your job effectively?

26. How easy is it for you to discuss and resolve work-related challenges?

27. Are team dynamics conducive to effective collaboration?

28. How often do you feel acknowledged and appreciated for your contributions?

29. Would you recommend our company as a place of employment to friends or family?

30. How would you describe the level of autonomy in your role?

31. Is the feedback you receive actionable and constructive?

32. How well do you believe the company adapts to external changes or challenges?

33. Are you proud to be a part of this organisation?

34. How confident are you in the leadership of the company?

35. Do you foresee yourself working here in two years' time?

Use our pulse survey template

To get up and running quickly use our employee pulse survey template. It comes pre-built with 12 questions and can be used as is or customised to your specific needs.

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