36 Enlightening Customer Needs Survey Questions

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September 6, 2023
Image representing a cross-section of the population, to illustrate differeing customer needs.

Probing into customer needs is akin to excavating for gold; it's a vital endeavour that can unearth invaluable insights. Recognising what customers want, love, or dislike can shape your enterprise's future, from product features to customer service protocols. A well-crafted customer needs survey can serve as your pickaxe in this exploration.

Below, we cover six distinct categories for inquiry: product satisfaction, customer service and support, pricing and value perception, brand perception, website and user experience, and future needs and preferences. These sample questions offer you an arsenal of examples that could enrich your survey.

Building a survey that taps into these different areas can provide you with a nuanced portrait of your customer base. Done well, customer surveys not only illuminate the path ahead but also fortify your rapport with customers, in this example showing how you're genuinely committed to meeting their needs. After all, in today's intensely competitive market, understanding the human behind the purchase can give you an enduring edge. So, swing that pickaxe and dig deep!

Example customer needs assessment questions

Product satisfaction

1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the quality of our product?

2. What aspect of our product do you find most useful?

3. Is there a feature in our product that you rarely or never use?

4. Does our product meet your initial expectations?

5. How does our product compare to competitors' offerings?

6. Was the product easy to set up or install?

Customer service and support

7. How long did it take for our customer service team to respond to your last inquiry?

8. Was your issue resolved during your first contact with customer service?

9. Would you say our customer support agents are knowledgeable?

10. Were you treated respectfully during your customer service experience?

11. Was your issue resolved to your satisfaction?

12. How could our customer service be improved?

Pricing and value perception

13. Do you find our product pricing reasonable?

14. Would you say you received good value for the price paid?

15. How does our pricing compare with similar products or services?

16. Would you be interested in a discounted subscription model?

17. Have you ever chosen not to purchase due to price?

18. Would you consider our product a 'budget' or 'premium' offering?

Brand perception

19. Do you trust our brand?

20. How likely are you to recommend our brand to friends or family?

21. What comes to mind when you think of our brand?

22. Have you noticed any of our recent marketing campaigns?

23. Do you follow us on social media?

24. Would you consider yourself a loyal customer?

Website and user experience

25. Was our website easy to navigate?

26. Did the website load quickly for you?

27. Were you able to find what you were looking for easily?

28. Was the checkout process straightforward?

29. Did you experience any glitches or errors while using our website?

30. Would you like to see any specific features added to our website?

Future needs and preferences

31. Are there any new features you would like us to add?

32. What other products or services would you like to see from us?

33. How often do you use our product?

34. Would you participate in a customer loyalty programme?

35. What improvements would you suggest for our product?

36. Would you be interested in a mobile app version of our product/service?

Use our customer needs analysis template

Use our customer needs survey template and get up and running quickly. Pre-made with a sample of 13 needs analysis questions, it can be used as provided or adapted to your specific requirements.

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