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Modelling & Simulation in Nuclear Safety and the Role of Experiment

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Date: Tuesday October 20
Time:08:30 - 09:00
Session:Plenary Session II
Authors: Won-Pil Baek (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea)

Modeling and simulation (M&S) technology is a key element in assuring and enhancing the safety of nuclear installations. The M&S technology has been progressed continuously with the introduction of new designs, improved understanding on relevant physical processes, and the improvement of computing environment. This presentation covers the role, progresses and prospect of M&S technology relevant to nuclear safety. Special attention is given to the effective interaction between M&S and experiment. The expected role of experiment to motivate the advancement of M&S technology is emphasized with some typical examples. Finally, relevant R&D activities of Korea are introduced for thermal-hydraulics and severe accident safety.

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