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Development of a Graphical Animation Interactive Feature to Assess MAAP-CANDU Simulation Results

Documents: Full paper available in Conference Proceedings.
Date: Tuesday October 20
Time:13:25 - 13:50
Session:2B2: Modelling & Simulation III
Authors: Sergei Petoukhov (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
Nick Karancevic (Fauske and Associates Inc., USA)
Andrew Morreale (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
Chan Paik (Fauske and Associates Inc., USA)
Morgan Brown (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
Christopher Cole (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

MAAP-CANDU is an integrated severe accident analysis code for CANDU plant simulations that necessitates the assessment and post-processing of extensive amounts of information obtained from code run results. The MAAP-CANDU GRaphical Animation Package Extension (GRAPE) is a flexible, efficient, interactive and integrated visualization tool for analyzing plant behaviour during postulated accidents including accident management actions for single and multi-unit CANDU plants. GRAPE was developed by FAI in consultation with CNL (AECL) and CNSC from the FAI MAAP-GRAAPH code used in MAAP (LWR version). CNSC plans to use MAAP-CANDU and GRAPE as one of the tools in their Emergency Operations Centre‎.

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