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Reactor Physics Simulations of the CANDU Reactor

Date: Monday October 19
Time:14:40 - 15:05
Session:1A2: Modelling & Simulation I
Authors: Jimmy C. Chow (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)

Traditionally, reactor physics simulations of the Canadian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) have employed lattice physics and neutron diffusion codes such as WIMS-AECL and RFSP to support safety analysis and fuel management. Recent advances in computing power have made possible full-core reactor physics simulation of the PHWR reactor using Monte Carlo neutron transport codes such as MCNP, KENO, and Serpent. While simulating a core with fresh fuel is relatively straightforward, performing the same task for a burned-up core becomes substantially more involved due to the complexity in determining the composition of the irradiated fuel and modeling of the distribution of the burnup fuel in the reactor core. This article describes a novel approach to tackle the problem with the development of model generators, and demonstrates the flexibility of the approach by extending its application to a core containing thorium and lowenriched uranium (LEU) fuel.

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