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Development of Upgraded Full-Core 3D Diffusion Models for the Pickering Stations

Documents: Full paper available in Conference Proceedings.
Date: Monday October 19
Time:13:50 - 14:15
Session:1A2: Modelling & Simulation I
Authors: Benoit Arsenault (AMEC Foster Wheeler)
Zlatko Ćatović (Ontario Power Generation)
Sergiy Shaula (AMEC Foster Wheeler)
P.D. Buchan (Ontario Power Generation)

This paper describes a methodology used to model Pickering reactors with the Reactor Physics toolset currently in use at OPG stations, which includes the Reactor Physics Industry Standard Toolset (RFSP-IST/WIMS-IST/DRAGON-IST) and the fuel management code SORO.

Detailed geometries were modeled in DRAGON-IST with devices and structures that extended into the reflector region and incremental properties were calculated for reactivity devices, guide tubes and structural materials based on the engineering drawings.

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