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Future Nuclear Power Generation in Canada: Transition to Thorium Fueled SCWRs

Documents: Full paper available in Conference Proceedings.
Date: Tuesday October 20
Time:16:15 - 16:40
Session:2C1: Advanced Design II
Authors: Daniel Wojtaszek (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)

The Canadian supercritical water cooled reactor (SCWR) is a heavy water moderated reactor concept, with supercritical light water coolant. A case in which the plutonium in used nuclear fuel from heavy water reactors (HWR) is mixed with thorium to fuel SCWRs has been analysed within the context of meeting future electricity demands in Canada. This case has been compared to a reference case in which all nuclear power is generated by uranium fuelled HWR in a once through fuel cycle. Fuel cycle simulations indicate that such a deployment of SCWRs would reduce uranium consumption and high level waste generation by 20%.

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