30 Comprehensive Parent Survey Questions

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November 17, 2023
A smiling parent readies her child for school.

Parents and guardians hold the most significant sway over a child's development. Studies indicate that children excel both academically and in life when their parents actively participate in their education. And surveys act as pivotal way to gather opinions and perceptions from those parents and guardians.

What are their feelings regarding the quality of teaching? What do they think about any extracurricular opportunities for their children? How do they perceive the welfare of and support shown to pupils? When it comes to educational settings, parents form a crucial audience whose views can offer an invaluable barometer for assessing a school's performance and areas in need of enhancement. Running parent surveys helps you capture that feedback, but what to ask?

Below we've listed six distinct areas to explore, each tailored to capture a different aspect of the school environment. Using example questions such as these, your education surveys can function as an useful tool for mining parental perspectives. The goal is to uncover both commendations and areas for improvement; through sincere dialogue and constructive critique, your research can inform more enriching educational experiences for pupils.

Example parent survey questions

School communication

1. How satisfied are you with the frequency of communication from the school?

2. Is the information in school newsletters useful and relevant?

3. Do you find the school’s online portal user-friendly?

Quality of teaching

4. How would you rate the overall quality of teaching at the school?

5. Is the homework given to your child age-appropriate?

6. Do you feel teachers are accessible for discussing your child’s progress?

School facilities

7. Are you satisfied with the cleanliness and maintenance of school buildings?

8. Does the library meet your expectations in terms of resources?

9. How would you rate the safety measures in the playground?

Student wellbeing and support

10. Does the school offer adequate mental health support?

11. How effective do you think the school’s anti-bullying policies are?

12. Do you think the school supports children with additional needs well?

Extracurricular activities

13. How would you rate the range of extracurricular activities offered?

14. Do you feel these activities are easily accessible for all students?

15. Are the extracurricular activities well-organised and communicated?

School management and policies

16. Are you aware of the school’s disciplinary procedures?

17. How easy was the enrolment process for your child?

18. Do you think the school's administration is efficient?

Hybrid questions

19. Does the school maintain a balanced focus on academic and extracurricular activities?

20. How would you rate your participation in parent-teacher meetings?

21. Do you feel comfortable approaching the school with complaints or concerns?

Additional question ideas

22. How convenient is the school location for you?

23. Is there adequate support for your child’s nutritional needs?

24. Do you feel that your child enjoys their time at school?

25. What improvements would you like to see in school facilities?

26. Are there any specific teaching methods you think should be adopted?

27. How could the school better support your child's wellbeing?

28. What additional extracurricular activities would you suggest?

29. Do you have any recommendations for enhancing school-to-parent communication?

30. Are there any other aspects not mentioned that you think need attention?

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